Teaching @ Wirral Guitar Lessons

Every guitarist has a dream, a goal, the desire to get better, but not every guitarist knows how to get there, or the best route to take.
At Wirral Guitar Lessons I assess all our students before they commit to lessons.This allows me to understand your needs, desires, dreams, weakness’s, strengths, as well as compile a good style & genre characteristic so we don’t miss a single detail out and can help you effectively and fast, right from the first lesson.

At Wirral Guitar Lessons I offer a flexible teaching program to suit each individual person’s needs.

I believe that it is very important for students to be in control of not only what they are being taught, but also how. Accordingly, I discuss teaching and learning methods with all of my students in the first lesson, and we evaluate what is going well (as well as what isn’t) on a regular basis thereafter.

Whichever method of learning my students feel most comfortable with, the experience should produce the same result: a guitarist who has developed a broad base of theoretical knowledge and technical skill to match the breadth of his or her repertoire. My knowledge and experience will enable you to achieve this. The amount of practice students are able to undertake outside of lessons will make a great deal of difference as to how quickly they improve. I therefore provide materials for students to take away with them.

I welcome students of all ages, standards and styles. Whether you are coming to the guitar completely afresh, or feeling stuck in a rut and in need of some help; whether you are an advanced player keen to develop new techniques, or a complete beginner simply want to learn how to play the guitar – I will help you get where you want to be.

Wirral Guitar Lessons the home of guitar lessons in the Wirral


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