Easy Guitar Stuff


Everyone can play guitar, I have never in my 30 years teaching experience come across anyone who can not play.

When someone picks up the guitar for the first time, they often doubt their ability to play. I hear phrases like “you have to be born to play” or “I haven’t got a musical ear” I can assure you that this is not true. Everyone can play, and everyone can play well it just requires time, some effort, and for most a little bit of on going support and guidance.Learning guitar is an amazing journey full off creativity, hard work, dedication that always leaves you with a massive sense of personal achivement. Learning this amazing instrument is both fun and rewarding, and once you start you’ll just want to keep getting better and better.You will want to start with a freindly and patient tutor who will guide you step by step to the next level, which is where we come in.

I tailor each lesson in a fun and easy way for you to build confidence and start playing guitar.

I can show you the easy way to play, and the easy way to approach your first chords or riffs.

A list of typical songs I get students playing only after just a few lessons.

Easy songs to learn on the guitar

Knocking on Heavens door – Bob Dylan
Take it easy – The eagles
Let it be – The Beatles
Time of your life – Greenday
Don’t look back in anger – Oasis
Yellow – Coldplay
Free falling – Tom Petty
You’re beautiful – James Blunt

Easy riffs to learn on the guitar

Smoke on water – Deep purple
Beat it – Micheal Jackson
Day tripper – The Beatles
Whole lotta of love – Led Zepplin
Sweet child o mine – Guns n roses
Alright right now – Free
I bet you look good on the dancefloor – Artic monkeys
Hard days night – The Beatles
Sympathy for the devil – The rolling stones
You really got me – The kinks

These are just a few examples, but feel free to pick any band/solo or song you wish to learn.

Some of the Skills and Technquies YOU will learn as a Beginner Guitarist:

• How to hold the guitar

• What the different parts of the guitar are called

• Names of the guitar strings

• Holding the pick

• One string melodies

• Basic major and minor guitar chords

• Basic Strumming patterns

These skills and techniques will be taught to suit the individual The greatest learning you can get is from a teacher. One on one lessons really allow you to grasp the concepts of learning at a faster rate and allow you to understand more effectively.


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